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      Iwatani Group
      Iwatani Corporation
      SIM IwataniSuzhou Iwatani Metal Products Co., Ltd.

      Suzhou Iwatani's precision slitting technology supporting technology that's evolving day by day.

      About SIM
      Our Quality Assurance Department uses various inspection instruments to ensure the quality of our products.
      Quality Assurance Department room
      [ Quality Assurance Department room ]
      Optical microscope
      [ Optical microscope (2000x, By Keyence) ]
      Machine of Tensile strength
      Machine of Tensile strength
      Quality Assurance Department
      [ Quality Assurance Department ]
      Slitting blade cylindrical grinding machine
      [ Slitting blade cylindrical grinding machine ]
      Capable of undertaking the grinding process
      with exceptional hardness, SKD, SKH, etc
      Testing environment (Quality Assurance Department)
      [ Testing environment
      (Quality Assurance Department) ]
      Air Shower Room
      [ Air Shower Room ]
      Hardness Tester
      [ Hardness Tester ]
      Digital Display Micrometer
      [ Digital Display Micrometer ]
      [ Microprocessor ]
      Three Dimensional Measuring Instrument
      [ Three Dimensional
      Measuring Instrument ]
      Transverse bending Measuring Instrument
      [ Transverse bending
      Measuring Instrument ]
      [ Microscopes ]
      [ Altimeter ]
      Digital Display  Caliper
      [ Digital Display Caliper ]
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